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100x100 Petition Campaign

Join the 100x100 Campaign! Sign the petition by clicking HERE.

The Concept: 100 volunteers will each gather 100 signatures of new single-payer supporters. That is the simple vision of the 2013 petition drive.

Building our Base: We’re not just getting signatures. We’re mobilizing 10,000 new allies in the battle for a Minnesota single-payer bill. Our goal is to help organize these new supporters in all corners of the state and make every elected official in the state government know that we demand truly universal health care: a single-payer system.

Petitioning Ideas: Some of the best opportunities to reach people are right in front of you. One idea is to host a petition party with your neighbors. HCAMn can provide resources and with enough time even a speaker to talk about what single-payer will mean to the individual. Another great idea coming up is National Night Out. On August 6th, when you go to your block party make sure to have petitions and ask your neighbors to sign on.

Materials you will need:

An Economic Analysis of a Unified System of Health Care for Minnesota

A report from Growth and Justice on the Lewin Goup's study of a single-payer health care system in Minnesota.